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6 Ways To Get More Active During Pregnancy With A Busy Routine

Get More Active During Pregnancy With A Busy Routine

Being active can help pregnant women to control weight gain during pregnancy and make labor easier. For expectant mothers with gestational diabetes, regular exercise helps to keep blood glucose levels in check and help the body process insulin more efficiently. But life’s busy and sometimes we may not get time to fit in a scheduled […]


What To Know If You’ve Just Been Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes

What To Know If You've Just Been Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy is always a time of anxiety, excitement, apprehensions and of course pure unadulterated joy for most moms – even if it’s not their first time.Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the midst of this seemingly erratic time in your life can be overwhelming to say the least. But even after all the hundreds of […]


Active Pregnancy – Why Is It Important?

Active Pregnancy - Why Is It Important?

Being active during your pregnancy can help you to avoid excess weight gain, prevent aches and pains and prepare you for labor. It’s also a great way to boost your mood and beat the pregnancy blues. However, in pregnancy, especially that with gestational diabetes, expectant mothers should always consult with their doctor to ensure that […]


9 Ways To Maintain Normal Blood Glucose Levels While Eating Out

Normal Blood Glucose Levels

Probably the worst kind of high, blood glucose spikes, are a common by-product of an unadulterated food binge. High calorie and carb foods can cause your blood glucose to shoot up and that’s not something you want with gestational diabetes. Maintaining normal blood glucose levels isn’t easy but it has to be done! No matter […]


Katie’s Tips For Dealing With Gestational Diabetes

Dealing With Gestational Diabetes

This article was written by Katie Collins Up until two and a half years ago I had no idea what diabetes was. It didn’t affect me or my family. To be honest it just wasn’t something I thought about. Then in 2013 at 20 weeks pregnant a random blood test showed that my blood sugar […]