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Gestational Diabetes Isn’t The End Of The World

gestational diabetes

On Monday I had my meeting with the nutritional counselor and received my very own blood sugar testing kit for gestational diabetes. I’m weird and have absolutely no problem with needles (I haven’t always been this way, I remember the fits I threw over shots as a kid, but one day I just realized it’s […]


What To Know If You’ve Just Been Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes

What To Know If You've Just Been Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy is always a time of anxiety, excitement, apprehensions and of course pure unadulterated joy for most moms – even if it’s not their first time.Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the midst of this seemingly erratic time in your life can be overwhelming to say the least. But even after all the hundreds of […]


Recovering After The Birth Of Your Baby

Recovering After Your Baby Is Born

Your gestational diabetes will most likely go away after you give birth to your baby. Unless you actually have diabetes, you probably won’t need to continue checking your blood glucose after your baby is born. However, it’s up to you to take some extra steps to ensure that your gestational diabetes does not develop into […]