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Gestational Diabetes Isn’t The End Of The World

gestational diabetes

On Monday I had my meeting with the nutritional counselor and received my very own blood sugar testing kit for gestational diabetes. I’m weird and have absolutely no problem with needles (I haven’t always been this way, I remember the fits I threw over shots as a kid, but one day I just realized it’s […]


Embracing Sweetness-My 9 Months With Gestational Diabetes

Embracing Sweetness – My 9 Months With Gestational Diabetes

First time when I hit those high blood glucose numbers, I was running through my ninth month of pregnancy. My gestational diabetes was gone as soon as it was discovered, without much effort. Seven years later, I found myself again in my gynecologist’s office. I was pregnant for the second time. I was on cloud nine […]


Katie’s Tips For Dealing With Gestational Diabetes

Dealing With Gestational Diabetes

This article was written by Katie Collins Up until two and a half years ago I had no idea what diabetes was. It didn’t affect me or my family. To be honest it just wasn’t something I thought about. Then in 2013 at 20 weeks pregnant a random blood test showed that my blood sugar […]