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Gestational Diabetes Recipes: 30 Minute Chicken and Veggie Bake

gestational diabetes recipes

Looking for some gestational diabetes recipes? Skin less chicken breast is a great source of protein and a great option for whipping up a quick healthy meal. This easy chicken and veggie bake is an easy and yummy way to get your protein fill for the day.  


9 Ways To Maintain Normal Blood Glucose Levels While Eating Out

Normal Blood Glucose Levels

Probably the worst kind of high, blood glucose spikes, are a common by-product of an unadulterated food binge. High calorie and carb foods can cause your blood glucose to shoot up and that’s not something you want with gestational diabetes. Maintaining normal blood glucose levels isn’t easy but it has to be done! No matter […]


Gestational Diabetes Diet: Grilled Halloumi Salad

Diabetes Diet

If you’re sick of grilled chicken and fish in your gestational diabetes diet, try this delicious grilled halloumi and beetroot salad to add a fancy twist to your lunch. Use your favourite greens and don’t forget the walnuts – they add a healthy crunch! What You Need 1 slice of Halloumi cheese 1/2 cup sliced beetroot […]


Infographic: What To Drink With Gestational Diabetes

Drink For Gestational Diabetes Moms

Soda and other sugary drinks are a no-no with gestational diabetes but that doesn’t mean the only option you have left is water. Try out some of these healthier drink options for a change.  


Gestational Diabetes Recipes: Try This Soul Warming Soup

Soup Recipes

Need ideas for meat free weekday recipes? This one pot minestrone soup is the perfect option. Loaded with veggies, it’ll fill you up without adding extra calories. You can make a big batch and portion it for the week.