Habits Gestational Diabetes Coach  aims to support expectant mothers through their weeks with gestational diabetes. Pregnancy with gestational diabetes can be a challenging time -mothers diagnosed with it know all too well the struggles of keeping their blood glucose within a normal range and giving up their favorite foods.

Jana Care, the creators of Habits Gestational Diabetes Coach, understood this struggle after speaking with many mothers dealing with gestational diabetes. We found that that many moms struggled with tracking their blood glucose numbers,  understanding how their diet affected those numbers and weight gain over pregnancy amongst other things.

Wanting to develop an app which addresses these needs, not only does Habits Gestational Diabetes Coachs help you keep track of your blood glucose levels, your daily diet and activity, it also helps you learn all you need to know about gestational diabetes and manage it efficiently. To that end, you can chat with a diabetes coach who guides you through important topics such as glucose monitoring, healthy eating during pregnancy, weight gain during pregnancy and being active.